Project 365 – day 1

I came to the realization that my camera and some lenses are with me every day, but that I mostly use them during weekends, days off and any kind of personal events, getting drowned by the daily grind during the week. This was supposed to change and when I came across the project 365 idea I liked it immediately. 

Considering the options I wanted to have the thread of a special theme run in the background, like a portrait of the person I deal with most during a given day, or the panorama of lunch times, but quickly decided that this is too dull and wanted to start today not wasting any further time considering for now.

I hope to ramp up the ideas every day and get out of the way of just snapping something for the sake of having a picture, but let’s see about that some point later on the road!

Critique and suggestions are very welcome of course :).

“Starting into the season with a good old Krombacher”
7D @ 35mm 1.4
1/15 @ f1.4 @ iso 1000
IKEA desktop light
Reflection in my Acer 24″
Flipped in Lightroom + some adjustments

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