Olympus XZ-1

Call me a turtle, but I have a backpack with me 90% of the time. I am so used to it from school that I grew attached to the habit (or backpack for that matter). I don’t mind carrying it day in and out and therefor my 7D and 24-70L 2.8 are practically with me all the time, if not additional lenses too. 

However there is always this situation were you can’t or won’t bring the big guns and I strongly believe in the philosophy of “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

In that spirit, and being a available light freak, I have been ogling with the Canon S90 and S95 since their releases, but got other items on my priority high road for now. The Olympus XZ-1 has been announced at the beginning of January 2011 and sounded like a nice competitor right of the bat.

Coming along with a jaw dropping for its class f1.8-2.5 Zuiko lens that will give you the full frame equivalent of 28-112mm (4x optical zoom) over a 1/1.63” CCD sensor it sure sounds promissing to me!

The only downside to this enthusiast compact is the fact that it currently retails for 479€/499$ on Amazon.de/.com compared to the 350€/400$ that the S95 will set you back.

Head on over to dpreview for their full review to decide whether this one is a game changer for you:


UPDATE (April 2011): I have just recently had the chance to play with this camera twice for about 10 minutes each, the lens is really great, I like the feel of the camera, the wheel up front is nice, but what took the whole thing apart for me was the menu, don’t they at least look at the competition for comparison if not clues? That was a really bad experience, I can’t even comrepehend how disappointed I was. Let’s hope they fix this with the follow up.

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