Project 365 – day 4

I joined former and present EA colleauges for their weekly Friday two hour long football session – my first sports shooting – for which I wanted to join for weeks now, but never found the motivation and strength to do so after a stressful week and directly after work. In regards to the 365 project I jumped over my shadow and I am glad I did, since I learned a lot about the difficulties of sports photography, especially when shot in the evening on a none professional pitch. 

I wasn’t quite sure which picture to pick, there were 4-5 in the closer selection, all with minor flaws. Ultimately I went for this one, as it most prominently depicts the beginner’s struggle to frame a proper shot in a split second while players are flying all around you, trying to keep track of the ball, to zoom and pan and frame – all in less than no time.

And sorry, I couldn’t upload this yesterday, was home at 02:30 and just finished editing the batch.

“Close combat”
7D @ 70-200L 2.8 II @ 70
1/500 @ f2.8 @ iso 4000 -1 2/3EV
Lightroom: + 0,4EV 5 fill light WB 2,5K
Lens corr., noise red. & sharp.

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