Project 365 – day 5

Bernd, who I have worked and had a lot of fun with for 7.5 years, had his last day yesterday, and we went out for some (reads many) drinks. Since he will be moving back to Germany sooner rather than later it was one of those memory lane moments, talking about all the things that had happend around us in years past. This picture will be a good memory too, even though it is not shot under perfect conditions – same as the everyday work we shared. 

“Au Huur”
7D @ 24-70L 2.8 @ 40
1/20 @ f2.8 @ iso 2500 -1EV
Note that it is possible to take a rather sharp
picture after several beers at 1/20@40×1.6 🙂

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One Response to Project 365 – day 5

  1. tharealdon says:

    bernd guckt wie ein alter seebär =)
    wünsche ihm alles gute

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