Project 365 – day 12

Big shopping day – asian specialities at the German supermarket chain Lidl. I wanted to take a nice shot of all the colorful sauces, soups and snacks – everything just looked great on the kitchen counter.

Same as with the food, in the end everything comes down to level of preparation and commitment one is willing to introduce into it. I guess I was inhabiting the spirit of the ready to cook meals (and the resulting hunger and will to eat) and therefor did not take the time and preparation needed – the kitchen was not well lit, I tried various things with the kitchen lights and a flash, but was simply to lazy to bring a light stand with an umbrella to the task.

Also, I should have arranged the groceries in a nicer looking spot, and maybe removed the duplicates: quality over quantity, right? Another fail was the general placement on the kitchen counter, the reason it is cropped a bit is the fact that I left a minor part of a power socket and the kitchen sink in there, undererstimating the task to remove them in post.

I could have gotten more out of this with just adding ten more minutes to ten already spent. Not that it is any big news to most of you, but if you want to get something right take your time for it, and make sure you alloted it beforehand.

“Asian week”
7D @ 24-70 2.8 @ 32
1/50 @ f5.6 @ iso 800 -1EV

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4 Responses to Project 365 – day 12

  1. donni says:

    so why you did not take 10 minutes, maybe 12 for youself more? ;)=

  2. noctua says:

    Ein erfreulicher Anblick, aber sag du noch mal was über meine Fotos. Wie lange kommt ihr mit diesem Vorrat aus?

    • HannibalTC says:

      1/4 davon war fürs Chili heute, 1/2 für Mittagessen im Büro diese Woche und der Rest fürs Abendessen diese Woche – alles in allem 1 Tag für 6 Leute und ich sag mal so 10 Tage extra für uns 2.

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