Project 365 – day 13

Star Wars night! Chili is perfect for this, you can just go and refill during the movies, no strings attached and you are back in a jiffy. I love both food and photography, so obviously I love photos of food! Due to the umbrella failure of the last days it had to involve an umbrella, and food in the viewfinder.

At first I coulnd’t put my finger on what it should be precisely, but when I approached the final stages of getting everything ready for the gang to feast it was clear, selective focus on the bowls lining up for my famous chili. The light stand with flash and umbrella were set up quickly, three test shots to get the light and focus right and that’s it.

I used the standardzoom again, since I also tried various angles and focal lengths to get rid of kitchen elements in the back (e.g. the heater). The 35mm would have been too wide, the 100mm too long, in the end I could have probably taken the 50mm for better image quality stopped down to the f2.8 used.

There is one thing you can learn from this though: We went shopping in another supermarket and I had to pick three different ingredients (the proper ones were not in stock). My famous chili did not turn out as it usualy does, in fact I did not like it at all. What I want to say is, if your gut tells you it is not going to work like that, don’t force it, you won’t be happy with the result. Normally you are harder on yourself than anyone else, the rest of the storm troopers still liked it (no really), but that did not make it any better for me – another obvious lesson relearned.

“Chili train”
7D @ 24-70 2.8 @ 55
1/250 @ f2.8 @ iso 100
430EXII + umbrella 115
-1EV camera & flash

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4 Responses to Project 365 – day 13

  1. Donni says:

    trotz aller bedenken, ist doch noch was jutes bei rumgekommen (=

  2. Targa says:

    Wars denn auch so scharf das es einem die Schuhe ausgezogen hat? Ansonsten isses kein richtiges Chili, auch wenns noch so gut aussieht 🙂

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