Project 365 – day 15

Almost every day the same question: what do I want to do for the picture of the day today? Sometimes I already have an idea due to some event or new purchase, or because of a task I have to carry out. Other times a setting I see inspires me, or another picture – which happend today for example.

I am following the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge for almost a year now, mostly nice ideas, and always some great pictures coming from it. This time the topic was double exposure, meaning that you take two pictures and put them together in post processing.

The winning photo of an x-rayed bag is great, and since I haven’t used anything but Lightroom yet I wanted to take it easy and just try out. Aligning your subjects properly is important for this task, so make sure you have a point of reference, the grid in live view is best for this. In my case also remember that the wrinkles in the bed sheet change, so choose your background wisely.

I used Gimp (freeware) to merge the pictures together. Simply open the first picture, than right click on it and say File -> Open new as layer -> select the 2nd picture -> press CTRL + L for the layer control and pick the type of merging process and the opacity you want. Voila!

I did this with 2 direct RAW to JPG exports in full resolution black and white (the orange bed sheet was just too extreme), than loaded the JPG back into Lightroom for some slight amends and adding the watermark (interesting to see all the limitations compared to the general RAW file editing).

“Lens X-Ray”
7D @ 24-70 2.8 @ 45
1/250 @ f4.0 @ iso 400
430EXII rem. bouncing
Tripod facing down

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