Project 365 – day 16

It was raining all evening long, which is generally a good thing for Madrid, it hardly rains here at all, maybe each 1-3 months. However if you want to switch things up and get out of the house, this is unfortunate bad luck. Making the best out of it by trying to macro rain drops in the fence of our tiny balcony was insufficient, they just wouldn’t create the wow effect they normally do in daylight with a pleasant and preferably green backdrop.

Opening a fortune cookie in frustration and even though I couldn’t care less for them (they were a party gimmick for last Sunday) it sayed: “A positive state of mind is going to bring the desired result.” Alright, back to the drawing board then! I decided to use the 35mm L f1.4 but stopped down to f8.0 and mess around with flashes to try out my new Yongnuo ST-E2.

I placed the tripod at the other end of the dark living room, opposite of my DVD/blu-ray/games/action figure racks, with both flashes on the low couch table in the middle of it all, one bouncing up to the racks, the other 180° to it. This was meant to create the shadows behind everything, but also add some front light for more detail and not completely harsh contrast. The final picture you see below is cropped out of the entire picture, it resembles around 20% of the whole – simply because I liked that part the most. Normally the framing happens in camera and cropping is rarely involved, both as a question of advancing my skill and overall quality, but not this time.

I hope you agree with me that shadows are sometimes useful to improve a picture rather than going for even and/or natural lighthing. The photo is black and white again to emphasize the relationship with the shadows – you can almost get color-blind from the real looks of the bunch.

“Before the attack”
7D @ 35L 1.4
1/250 @ f8.0 @ iso 200
2x 430EXII rem. bounce

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4 Responses to Project 365 – day 16

  1. donni says:

    coole idee, jetzt bräuchte man mehrere kleinere spots um die jungens zu beleuchten? finde die kommen nicht ganz so gut raus.

  2. Tequila84 says:

    Du immer mit deinen Kärtche und den Müppkes, ich dachte aus dem Alter wärste mal raus…

  3. Dani says:

    Das finde ich super, ich stehe ja auf Schatten und Licht auf Fotos 😀

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