Project 365 – day 20

I took around thirty pictures in five different categories today and could not really decide which one to pick. Therefore we have two pictures of the day :).

We are visiting a small Cuban bar regularly every other Sunday, enjoying a Mojito, lovingly called Minis even though they are one! liter cups. The photo below was taken with a wide angle setting, which is normally to be avoided for any portrait except full body, but I do like the effect in this specific situation.

My girlfriend is known to blink a lot when being photographed and the people in the background were constantly moving, thus the relatively high shutter speed to keep everything crisp.

“Mojito happiness”
7D @ 24-70 2.8 @ 25
1/160 @ f2.8 @ iso 3200

One of several grafittis in the basement of a demolished complex that is waiting for repurposing. Cropped to remove the floor in front of it and the unpainted wall above it.

“Space bear”
7D @ 24-70 2.8 @ 24
1/100 @ f4.5 @ iso 100

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 20

  1. noctua says:

    gute fotos, vor allen dingen das erste mit der netten, jungen dame

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