Project 365 – day 21

Do you like coffee? I certainly do, and you can bet that pastry is involved in most cases too. Working on topics and things you like is always easier, especially when it gets messy. This fine day I came across a series of photos on flickr dubbed “Cookie Splash!”, and this one is messy alright, but a lot of fun as well.

You will spend more time cleaning than taking the photos, so come prepared:

– place your favourite mug in a suitable location
– fill it up to the brink with coffee or tea
– place some cookies or pastry next to it
– mount the camera on a tripod and manual focus
– 1/400+ shutter speed, modest DOF, adjust the ISO
– set it up for remote shooting in high fps
– find an object for the splash, not too big/heavy
– make sure your hand stays out of the frame
– start firing and drop the item into the mug

Depending on the frame rate of your camera, the texture of your drink, the object your throw in there, its angle, speed and most of all sheer luck will determine how many tries you spend and what results you will yield. I shot five tries and about forty pictures total, keep in mind the 7D does eight whooping fps. If I would stack all the pictures it would probably look like a vulcano bursting and drooling haha.

Fooling around and being creative like that was great, despite the not so mainstream use. I will surely come back to this idea, maybe with a beer and a slice of pizza or something in that neighbourhood :).

“Coffee is king”
7D @ 35L 1.4
1/400 @ f2.8 @ iso 1600
Remote trigger
A raving rabbid

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 21

  1. noctua says:

    wow das sieht ja mal ganz klasse aus.

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