Project 365 – day 22

Got my replacement credit card the other day to exchange the expiring one, and it is sitting in front of my monitor since, waiting for me to call the bank and have it activated. While starring at it I had a quick brain fart in the symbolism department: Money shot. The picture that was worth your time and pays your bills, or as an amateur at least your effort you put into whatever it was you tried to accomplish. Ironically this is just a boring macro photo of a credit card, which made me laugh thinking about it. It did not take skill to produce it, and it is nothing special, but I still like looking at it, maybe because it is responsible for my ability to pay all my camera equipment online instantaneously – and it is shiny! 🙂

“Money shot”
7D @ 100 macro 2.8 USM
1/100 @ f6.3 @ iso 1600

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