Project 365 – day 23

A shot I wanted to take for a couple of months now, but right conditions were never met at the same time: snow on the mountains, proper sunlight, no fog/smog concealing the mountains, no weird sky. None of this could have been changed by me, but one thing. I was under the impression I needed to wait for my extender to get close enough from the office.

Today all elements aligned for the second or third time in four months, and I finally got the extra focal length at the ready. Turns out that the office was not a good location in regards to the framing, test shots yesterday also showed that the office windows become a noticeable problem even when in a straight angle towards the camera. The next best vintage point I could make out was one of the highways a bit further away in front of the office, with no public access to the spot I wanted to be in. During lunch I grabbed my backpack and made the journey there, crossing three two-laned highway roads. To be fair that sounds a lot more dangerous than it actually was, I spent about one minute waiting each time I crossed – without any risks being involved.

As you can see the new vista had further obstacles, but luckily the bridge in question is the one we pass over every morning on our way to work and thanks to a quick car ride (appreciated Konstantin!) I could finally take the picture below. There won’t be any snow soon, so this photo is impossible to take for the next 8-9 months.

I guess what that tells you is a) if you really want the shot bring the stamina to wait for the right moment, b) make test arrangements so that you are ready when the time has come c) think and move outside of the box d) ask for support if you need it.

As usual it is exposed for the sky and the foreground was brought back in Lightroom later on.

P.S.: I hate lamp poles sooo badly. To me they ruin any picture. In this case there are huge ones left and right directly outside of the frame, no cropping done though.

“Snowy mountains”
7D @ 70-200L 2.8 IS II @ 75
1/250 @ f8.0 @ iso 100

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 23

  1. donni says:

    jaaa an laternen und schilder muss man sich gewöhnen, die doofen dinger sind überall und wenn du pech hast nur mit riesenaufwand weg zu retuschieren.
    die szene gefällt mir ganz gut, aber tick düster und für mich wirken die farben was unnatürlich, hattest polarizer druff?

    • HannibalTC says:

      Das Crux der Fotobetrachung: bei mir am PCs siehts hell genug aus und ich fahr schon eine Stufe niedriger als standard. Hier im Büro ist es mir auch nen kleinen Tick zu dunkel, wobei der Bildschirm imho auch zu dunkel ist (mehr geht nicht).

      Hab keinen Polfilter benutzt diesmal, machte für mich nicht den Eindruck, als ob es nötig wäre – die Szene sieht reel auch so aus, das ist die krasse Sonne, die die harten Kontraste verursacht (aber klar ist durch die Nachbearbeitung leicht verstärkt worden – ich mags so).

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