Project 365 – day 25

To be honest there are not many things I really appreciate about Madrid, but the sky is surely one of them. Not only do the six hundred and fifty meters above sea level ensure that we don’t drown when the ice caps melt next year, but it adds to the fact that the skies look way more dramatic.

The lesson that is re-emphasized here is timing and location, the clouds and sky only looked like that for about ten minutes, and I had to go off road into a field to get the perfect angle and framing I wanted.

“Skyline on fire”
7D @ 70-200L 2.8 IS II @ 125
1/160 @ f8 @ iso 2000

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 25

  1. donni says:

    aaaah endlich kommen die geilen shots!!!!!
    welche firma hat denn da so prominetn ihr logo auf dem skyscraper platziert?

  2. noctua says:

    hat was. irre farben am himmel plus der dunklen häuserfront.

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