Project 365 – day 28

Credit for this idea goes to my mum (and sister), who told me about it today while chatting. When I was working at THQ I spent some time in marketing too, just when we released the new Treehouse of Horror Simpsons game. They got a few 20″ Mr. Burns draculas and I managed to snag one for the good work I put up, and my constant bragging that I would kill to get one of these hrhr.

I wanted to go for the oldschool face lit from underneath black & white grainy look, thus trying to light him up from below with one 430EXII, but that was too intense, even at 1/64 manual and an improvised DVD box to deflect some of the light. Ultimately one small Maglite that was almost out of power came to use, and heavy contrast plus more grain in Lightroom later on.

The slower than usual shutter speed is due to the fact that I did not want the picture to be razor sharp, but still with some detail (the room was completely dark).

7D @ 35L 1.4
1/20 @ f1.4 @ iso 3.200

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 28

  1. Tequila84 says:

    Geiles Bild, schön das Muttern dir gesagt hat über was wir geredet haben. Ist was Gutes bei rausgekommen…

  2. noctua says:

    Mann, ging das fix. Gefällt mir sehr gut.

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