Project 365 – day 32

So apparently I have a problem with booking my model(s), since there was a missunderstanding on my behalf regarding her next work shift, hence she had to go to bed when I was ready – that totally teaches me a lesson about scheduling my models, point taken :)!

I spent a lot of time on the orbis ring flash article, cooked an extensive dinner and had to deal with the washing machine and dishwasher, long story short, there was no other plan for tonight, and as usual on Friday evenings after an either totally nerve wracking and/or mind numbingly boring work week, I am ground to the core and am utterly without inspiration or any drive to go the whole nine yards and create something outstanding.

The orbis with 100mm macro was already set up, so it had to be something possible to achieve with that combo: use another model! What better model could have been available than ME! Tripod adjusted and with a timer? Hell no. Since a self portrait is also kind of like looking into the mirror, what could have been better as a really huge mirror? And since we are professional we don’t want to see the camera, or any bathroom items in front or in the back, right? Simple, shoot from the hip, so you can see your dark circles even better hrhr.

Neither the phase shift AF nor the contrast AF from Live View gave a decent AF performance, whether this is due to the mirror or typical focus disruptions of the lens is yet to be determined. Matter of fact is that the combo was too heavy to accurately manual focus from the hip, so it ended up in some trial and error. The photo is cropped down to about 60%, has some dandruff spot removal and a bit of teeth bleaching is involved too – we want to keep the spirit of mirror photoshopping, right?

There you go, that’s how I look like on Friday eve, ain’t it lovely? Oh, and I am turning 30 this year ;).

“Mirror universe”
7D @ 100 macro 2.8 USM
1/250 @ f2.8 @ iso 800
Orbis ring + 430EXII
From the hip in mirror

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