Project 365 – day 33

Remember my first attempt to take a photo of an eye? Well it failed horribly without the ring flash. Now that I got the orbis I could restart the experiment, and the results are speaking for themselves, it’s a whole different world!

I also just finished my article about the exposure triangle, which contains a section about aperture. The human eye works similiar, as you can see in the first picture, and ten flashes later, adapting to the bright light by stopping down and closing the diaphragm.

The picture is not as sharp as it could have been, I am not sure yet what the source of this is. You can also see the slightly uneven light from the ring adapter and the small curve at its botton from the foot element. Nonetheless the human eye is fascinating!

“Human aperture”
7D @ 100 macro 2.8 USM
1/250 @ f5.6 @ iso 200
Orbis ring + 430EXII

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