Camera only gallery

Not sure what to think of this, on one hand I encourage this experimental thinking, especially on behalf of technology and cameras, but on the other hand I prefer looking at a gorgeously painted canvas, that has more detail to offer. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!
Without a camera, an art gallery based on Take a Picture would appear to be a boring, empty place with nothing on the walls but blank canvases. Take out the camera, however, and the place would spring to life.

This is because the artwork is hidden under the canvas in the form of hundreds of infrared lights. This light is invisible to the human eye, of course, but to a digital camera’s sensor the images are as obvious as any traditional painting would be to you or I.

The designers have no plans to make this into a show for now, but I’m inclined to agree with DVICE when they say a gallery full of blank canvases and hidden infrared pictures would be kind of cool to interact with.

By Jack Loftus

via Gizmodo

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