Project 365 – day 37

I was asked to take a group picture of one of our teams, one of the guys, Florian, is leaving the company at the end of the week. The LT Tech team is a very small and very connected team, every loss is clearly a big deal (as it should be in any good team!).

If you take a more dedicated approach to a group picture there are a lot of factors to deal with, and to be honest it was a first for me, so I was a bit nervous to get everything right, more to my own expectations than anything else – normally the photographed group is happy with a lot more things where you might be more critical.

The sky was quite bright, it was lunch time, and we wanted to keep the buildings in the back since it has a tradition for our group photos. I placed a 430EXII on the left and right side each, in 45° angles upwards and sideways, both with omni bounce diffusors and on normal ETTL. In the end it was a shot from below, of a series of four photos in three you always had someone blinking.

For my first group picture I am happy with the result, but there is still a lot to learn and do better.

P.S.: Florian is 3rd from the right, all black

“Turbo gang”
7D @ 16-35L 2.8 IS II @ 16
1/250 @ f5.6 @ iso 400
2x 430EXII + omni

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2 Responses to Project 365 – day 37

  1. Powny says:

    I hope you are alright with criticism as well 🙂
    I really like the photo itself. The perspective is very nice, the buildings in the background as well, but you have certainly overdone the editing.
    If it wasn’t editing that made the lads in the pic look like they were edited in, because they are way too sharp, you might want to edit them smoother. They look glossy. Would be fine for a print add though, I guess. Don’t know that much about diffusors, but some more diffusion could have helped as well to keep the shadows natural.
    The sky in the background could do with some tweaking as well. Some more blue or grey trying to get rid that yellowish/brownish look.
    Just my 2 cents 😉

  2. HannibalTC says:

    Thanks for the critique Till, feedback is always welcome :).

    They look edited in is because of the 2 flashes, it would have looked better with huge diffusors (umbrellas), but I didn’t have any with me.

    Sky is already toned down, there is not much more you can do unless you got Photoshop, but basically there was no detail to recover, it looked like that.

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