Project 365 on hold

I am in a bit of a dilema here:

At the moment it seems like I am forced to put the project on hold for about 25 days. I am going on vacation for a bit over 3 weeks tomorrow and just had to realize that laptop screens s**k donkey balls when it comes to editing RAW files. On both the company and my girlfriends laptop, which has a better display in theory, the white balance/colors and contrast are completely off, it’s not even funny any more.

Unfortunately I won’t have regular access to a PC with a proper screen, and surely not one with Lightroom and all my presets and watermarks installed on top of that.

I could shoot JPG, but that feels like being bombed back to the stone age …

I am annoyed, because I was willing to go the extra mile and edit the pics on a small screen, upload them via my phone when there is no internet etc., but this is like a total showstopper.

I sold my iPad last week, in theory I will get the new one on the 25th (Europe), so I might be able to be back on track earlier. There will be a picture for each day, just not uploaded until I am back.


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