Project 365 – day 40

I am back! Sorry that it took so long, but I was in Germany for three weeks, returned late last Sunday and had to catch up with a lot of work during the week and unfortunately another problem, my grandma died. On top of that some not major but still distracting issues accumulated additionally.

The next one to two weeks will go off a bit different than usual, since I brought about 2500 photos from that vacation plus another 1300 from a 15 second timer time lapse from Paris to Düsseldorf. I also went to the Madrid zoo yesterday, so for the next days I will spend 2-3 hours a day getting the backlog of my rear and pick my favourite picture as the submission of the day. Once I am done I will go back to normal, hopefully with a lot more opportunities now that we jumped to summer time and summer is on the horizion in general, no more leaving the office when it is already dark and bla.

This picture is of a newborn that was far off from the adult group, seeing the mother in the crowd and judging from its looks it must have been born the same day or day before (I am no expert though), still shaky, barely something you could call walking or even standing.

Make sure to check out the entire zoo album on Flickr, as soon as my new credit card is activated I will upgrade to a pro account and upload all the future albums there as well (since my Facebook profile is private, and all in all not the best for photos): Flickr: Madrid Zoo 20111 (by HannibalTC).

7D @ 70-200L 2.8 IS II @ 280
+ Extender 1.4x III
1/1000 @ f4 @ iso 200

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3 Responses to Project 365 – day 40

  1. Tequila84 says:

    Hey, endlich bist du wieder da…
    Die Fotostrecke vom Zoo ist klasse, hätte da auch schon drei Bilder, die ich gerne hätte, kann man da ja leider nicht kopieren.
    Nr. 57, 75, und 79 bitte *lieb schau*

    Danke ;o)

  2. Mutter says:

    Super Fotos. Der Frosch ist klasse. Und rat mal was mit den Eulenfotos passiert ist.

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