iPad 2

On a small semi photo related equipment note: I got my iPad2 on European launch day (25th of March), after waiting in line for about 7 hours, with a couple of really nice people around me – time flew by like there is indeed a tomorrow. Why is this photo related? Because this is my portable device of choice, I have abandoned notebooks since the first iPad (which I sold the day the 2nd one was announced). It might not run Lightroom (yet), but the screen is so much better for consuming media and editing it.

For those of you who care, it’s a 16GB Wifi again, and even though Apple surely didn’t revolutionize anything with the 2nd iteration, you can see a big difference in performance, the new size and weight are playing a major role, you hold it in your hands most of the time afterall. HDMI connection is now an option, great for sharing my media, and I can hook up with my girl via the crappy but sufficient video cameras when on the road.

Plus I pushed gaming of limits for photography, but it is currently coming back on the heavy end thanks to the iPad, at least before going to bed.

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