Project 365 – day 46

I am a frequent visitor of the Düsseldorf airport, since I am flying home (to Germany) about every 1-2 months, depending on occasion and available time. Normally I only rush in to get back to Madrid, or rush out because I can’t wait to see my friends and have decent beer. However the airport has a neatly situated observation deck, right in front of the run and taxiway, no buildings and dirty scratched glass walls in the way (unlike the horrible observation deck of Cologne-Bonn that we tried 2 days later).

Something I learned that day is the fact that trying to frame an object tight which goes 250-300 km/h right in front of you needs some practice, otherwise the nose or tail will be minimally cut off due to shutter/viewfinder lag – don’t stop panning. This sounds more horrible than it accutally was though, throughout the first hour 70% of the pictures were fine, it’s just another factor you have to get used to.

We spent about two hours there, following every small and big bird go up/down – there were also some pigeons hehe – but ultimately a gas cloud coming off of an industrial building in the far distance caught my eye, because in that moment the exhaust fumes looked like a summoned genie to me.

“Modern Genie”
7D @ 70-200L 2.8 IS II @ 280
+ Extender 1.4x III
1/1600 @ f4 @ iso 100

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