Project 365 – day 47

Today we are going to “ruin” an IMHO very nice shot with some technical mumbo jumbo on how to make things even better (theoretically at least)!

But first: this picture is 4 weeks old and was shot at the river bank of the Rhine in Düsseldorf at 18:40. It came about while I was actually a bit bored, at the time my best friend Freak was taking portrait pictures with flashes and PocketWizards and I couldn’t and didn’t want to get involved really, rather focusing my attention on this (I love to photograph those types of scenery).

Now the improvements, which I apparently did not fully realize then: Look at the data and you will see that I was not fully zoomed in, yet cut about 20% away, it simply looked good on the screen – never get fooled by this! Cropping is normally not my manner, I always frame in camera, maybe I just changed my mind in those four weeks on what I liked about it, there was just too much black at the bottom and the river faded out on the last right bit. Additionally I don’t know why I used 1/640 and ISO 400, must have been a setting from a different shot just before, normally these settings are supervised tight specifically. Meaning ISO 100 and 1/160 would have done the job better in giving me a cleaner picture.

What does that tell us? Don’t get tricked into freaking out because of this. I still love the picture, and will stand to correct those “faults” in the future. As long as you are aware there is room for improvement you can happily live with some weird values too (see what I did there).

P.S.: I tried to take another shot at the (full) moon topic today, but there was no gain in filling the frame, and the quality was worse due to the amount of Madrid lights.

7D @ 24-70L 2.8 @ 50
1/640 @ f8 @ iso 400

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