Project 365 – day 49

Almost every man loves cars, and I am sure as hell one of them. Tastes vary, as with all things, but the Meilenwerk Düsseldorf satisfies each of them: classic race cars, modern sports cars, collector’s items, oldtimers and some all time classics.

The bad news for photo enthusiasts is that they are all very close together, lots of areas with harsh transitions from shadow to brightness, unfitting backgrounds or they are locked away in glass boxes.

But let’s get to some of the pics I did do.

I am very happy and sad at the same time about the contents of this picture. Happy, because you see three of my top ten favourites next to each other here: a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ford GT40 (though I prefer the red one they had 5 years ago) and a Cobra. Sad, because they were all parked on the 1st floor in private boxes, so no close ups and cherishing.

The first car I fell in love with as a little boy was a Ferrari F40, so naturally I like most of the old and new Ferraris. As for this shot I also like how the bolts reflect me taking it, from different angles.

A classic Jaguar, nothing else to add here – just envy it for a while.

Bentley money shot, though the focus is a bit off, which I didn’t realize at the time (obviously).

As for the picture of the day, even though I am way more in modern gadgetry, buttons, knobs, design, you name it, this attracted me the most, it is purely old-school.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you from which car it is, sorry.

“Control Center”
7D @ 16-35L 2.8 II @ 35
1/25 @ f4 @ iso 1000

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