Project 365 – day 51

Time lapse is something I also wanted to try out, even before owning a DSLR, but never had the time, subject and tools to go for it really. On the last leg of driving from Madrid to Düsseldorf, just before Paris (riding shotgun), I got bored and figured I should give it a try, since I had everything at hand: a good camera, a remote timer, a bean bag and something that makes for a good starter topic, driving along the highway for a long time – about 5 hours.

At first I messed around with the intervals, setttings and position a bit, but in the end the setup was rather simple. Placing the bean bag on the center console, the camera on top of it switched to manual focus and with a slight angle pointing to the right, timer on infinite shots and 15 seconds. Aperature priority set to f8, ISO was at 400 first, but to freeze action more changed to 800 for most of the trip. The beanbag had to be readjusted every here and there thanks to road bumps, braking and so forth. At the end when it got darker first aperture was changed, than ISO. I turned the camera off about 5 minutes before we arrived, since f2.8 and ISO 4000 stopped making any sense.

Two things I did not realize looking at the screen every couple of intervals: There was a big dirt spot form the beginning, of course more flies added up while progressing and the focus slipped somewhere in between and near the end again.

I loaded all 1286 JPEGs into lightroom, added some contrast, clarity, blacks and vibrance, the export took about 45 minutes (1280x resolution = 720p). Since it’s my first video and I just wanted to see how the process works in general I used Windows Movie Maker, set the sequence to 5 pictures a second, added the crazy flying cat music that is currently all over the place, an intro + outro and that’s about it.

There are a billion of things that can be done better, and will be in the future, but for now that is as good as it gets.

Make sure to change to 720p and go full screen. Thanks for watching! Oh and there is a mistake at the end, I forgot to add the “II” to the lens.

“Paris to Düsseldorf”
7D @ 16-35L 2.8 II
RiceQ traveler classic 30
Windows Movie Maker

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