Project 365 – day 76

After a day with two and a half hours of overtime – technically being under, middle and overtime, since I went to work earlier, had no lunch break and left later – a good book is a blessing for the inner peace.

Luckily my copy of Promethean Sun arrived via secure UPS at work today. It is the 17th book of the Horus Heresy novel series by The Black Library, which is depicting the epic universe of the Warhammer 40000 tabletop game, but 10000 years earlier when the galaxy devouring Heresy of Horus, Warmaster of the Emperor of Mankind, occurs.

This book is limited to 3000 copies, thus sadly not being available to everyone just yet, but luckily I managed to snag a copy online on preorder day (signed, #449). It is about one of the 20 Space Marine Legions, the Salamanders, coming in a faux Salamander skin makeup, with color paintings inside. I am really looking forward to read it, since I love the series deeply and eagerly await every new book. So far it only comprised 2-3 rather medicore books, all others are great reads if you are up for that kind of Sci-Fi material – highly recommended!

“Promethean Sun”
7D @ 24-70L 2.8 @ 24
1/50 @ f3.2 @ iso 1000

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