Project 365 – day 85

Another piece, the Wampa cave plus Snowspeeder, has been added to the “Hoth diorama”.

The next two to three weeks will be very LEGO Star Wars intensive again, just received my 2500 piece Lambda Imperial Shuttle UCS (Ultimate Collectors Set), and coming via Ebay Germany I am expecting the 1300 piece Imperial Star Destroyer, 1400 piece Y-Wing UCS and 1100 piece AT-ST UCS … and then there is the new 1200 piece Millenium Falcon coming out in one week, which I will have to check out first, since it has been indicated that not everything is in the right place/scale.

I will try to take some none LEGO related photographs as well though, so don’t get too worried just yet.

7D @ 24-70L 2.8 @ 24
1/250 @ f8 @ iso 100
+ 430EXII

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One Response to Project 365 – day 85

  1. Mutter says:

    Oh je, jetzt wird’s gefährlich. Wenn Ihr nicht werdet wie die Kinder ……

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