Project 365 – day 88

As “promised” yesterday was a very LEGO heavy day, basically with some small breaks here and there, my flatmate Bertold and me went about it from 12:00 until 3:00 in the morning, watching Galactica along with it (yes, blaspehmy, right).

The shuttle is a real beauty, nice details, and frakkin’ huge – about 70 cm high on its stand (see the Stormtrooper minifig for a rough feeling of scale, also for the other sets). The wings fold up, the cockpit opens to minifig scale with 4 seats and the stand can be replaced by a landing gear to be more realistic.

The whole endavour took us about 7 hours tops, and the imperial transport is now resting perfectly on the entertainment cabinet next to the tv.

“The Emperor arrives”
7D @ 16-35L 2.8 II @ 16
1/250 @ f8 @ iso 400

The three other sets I got from ebay were only seperated into a couple of major elements, to make sure everything is in perfect condition and no bricks are missing and of course to claim we have built it ourselves we had to disassemble those sets first.

Standing almost 45 cm tall this is a really detailed and accurate set, I love it and it is surely above my expectations. Now I need to find myself some Ewoks to put in front of it (the Endor set is too small).

Same process for the Y-Wing, with a lot more color involved this time, and since it is a 2004 set a complete different approach compared to the more recent (and better) manuals.

I know I repeat myself, and it does not come with a suprise since I did check them out before I went and forked out a lot of money for them, but this model is amazing too, coming in just under 70 cm the commitment to detail is astonishing, and the way the stand is holding it shifted sideways to see all of it is simple but ingenious. Same as the AT-ST we spent a bit more than 3 hours on redoing it.

Hopefully you enjoy LEGO and/or Star Wars at least a bit to appreciate the photos, today the currently last unfinished piece is coming, the Imperial Star Destroyer – see you later!

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