Project 365 is about taking and uploading one picture a day, for one year. I liked the idea from the moment I red about it – being the motivation needed to force myself into using the camera even when thinking there is nothing super interesting to photograph, to push my skills and tap into the unknown.

It is not supposed to yield a masterpiece of photography each day, but it’s not a plain diary either. Some thought and effort should go into it, not just simply pressing the shutter button and hoping for the best.

The mosaic overview of my project 365 for easy navigation, click on a thumbnail to jump to that day:


2 Responses to 365

  1. 365faceoff says:

    Neat! I like your mosaic interface. It’s going to be cool to see all the photos start to stack up, like a visual diary!

    • HannibalTC says:

      Thanks a lot :). I will probably change the design a bit and tweak a few things here or there once the 25+ is reached, but I will definitely stick with the mosaic!

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