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A whole bunch of new photos

Just edited and uploaded a whole bunch of photos from my three weeks vacation in my hometown Düsseldorf, where I had ample time and a good friend at my side for several photo trips. If you are not among my … Continue reading

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I am currently beginning to go through the pictures of the last 2 months that I didn’t have the time to edit for. Completely forgot about that one, which I really liked at the time already, it’s a reflection of … Continue reading

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Starting to come back

Hey everyone, the hectic phase is over! The move is done, work peak is almost over, I proposed to my girl and got the 5D Mark II yesterday. I am a bit sick at the moment, but am planning on … Continue reading

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This and that

Just started taking pictures for the yearbook of my team, will take a lot of group pictures next week and also join the football guys this Friday for daylight pictures. Finally photography again!

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Project 365 – day x

As you have realized I haven’t been uploading any pics during the last week, and the few before were quite uninspired/without effort. Peak workload and moving just eat away all my time and energy, and even though I wanted to … Continue reading

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Project 365 – day 121 to 123

Thursday (9th anniversary dinner with my lady), Friday (Bertold with 3D glasses from Transformers 3) and Saturday (while cooking my famous chili).

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Project 365 – day 119 to 120

Tuesday + Wednesday, La Barca.

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